Epoxy Garage Coatings That Last – We Guarantee It!

Coatings That Last

At DuraGuard Surfaces we offer epoxy resin floor and polyaspartic coating systems for concrete floors, designed to protect concrete from degeneration by water, abrasion, chemical attack, and wear & tear. Our systems are built of as little as two (2) and as many as seven (7) different layers of product including a base coat, grout coat, and finish coat – depending on the specific needs of your space. Using a combination of epoxy garage floor coatings, overlays, polyaspartics, and urethanes we are able to create entirely custom systems that our competitors are not – without any stinky or smelly chemical systems being used – we don’t wear masks to install most of our product!

Custom & Unique

Available in a variety of colors and textures, DuraGuard offers a customizable system that is easy to clean and maintain, and we guarantee it for 20 years! Our popular Epoxy Vinyl Chip systems are available in a wide variety of color schemes.  We also offer systems for chemical storage, frac data vans, enclosed trailers, decks, epoxy basement floors, and many other applications, allowing you to make nearly any space more usable, easier to clean, safer, brighter, and more beautiful!

Some of the most beautiful projects we have completed have incorporated a combination of colors and metallic epoxy floor pigments which can create an incredible amount of depth and character in a floor. Sometimes it feels like you’re walking on a piece of art! Incorporating a logo into an epoxy concrete floor is a great way to brand a place of business, and create a unique experience for your customers as they enter your location. 

We are also able to create custom blends if you are looking for more bold colors, or are wanting to match your floor design to your favourite sports team, your business, or anything else! 

Experience To Guarantee

With over 10 years coating experience, your new concrete epoxy or polyaspartic coating is applied by our trained professionals in several layers with each step having its own set of unique steps and tools. We bring the necessary tools and knowledge to your epoxy floor project in a customer-centric way that focuses on results so you can forget about your epoxy floor in your garage for years to come!

DuraGuard Surfaces is proud to offer an industry-leading 20 Year Residential Warranty on our garage epoxy coated floor systems – highlighting the confidence we have in both our products and process!

Cost Of Epoxy Floor Systems

Each and every project has it’s unique characteristics that lend themselves to custom epoxy floor systems created specifically for each clients needs – however there are several commonalities between nearly all jobs:

  • All concrete floors need some degree of delamination, cracking, or peeling repair
  • Every epoxy floor has a base coat, build coat, and urethane topcoat
  • The thickness of the epoxy floor product is similar on many jobs
  • The amount of grinding required to prepare the floor for an epoxy floor is often similar

For these reasons DuraGuard is able to offer typical pricing that our prospective customers use for budgetary purposes. Please note each job requires a no-obligation site visit for an actual quote to be generated!

Epoxy Products$4-14 / sq. ft.
Polyaspartic Products$8-18 / sq. ft.
Elastomeric Products$20+ / sq. ft.
*prices are for reference only, not to be used as a quoting tool

Ownership Proud Of Owning

Affordable, durable, long-lasting and customizable, DuraGuard will increase the durability of your garage floor and make it easier to clean up – as simple as with a squeegee and hot water! A DuraGuard residential epoxy floor for your garage will make your space easier to use by enhancing traction and friction coefficient creating a strong, resilient flooring surface that is safe and easy to use!

Epoxy floors are a great way to help protect your garage floor from oil, gas, salt, anti-freeze, abuse and stains. Book a free, no-obligation site visit today!

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