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Concrete is extremely durable, but it can crack or chip. If concrete is exposed to extreme elements like heat and cold, salt residue from de-icing of roads in the winter, ultraviolet light exposure from the sun, or even underground springs that affect the foundation of a home or building there is a potential for cracking, peeling, delaminating or crumbling.

The nature of concrete makes it both expensive and difficult to repair, which is where unique and specialized solutions become incredibly beneficial. 

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Our team can call upon decades of experience in the industry to innovate solutions to many concrete problems.  Having worked with this product for as long as we have, we are confident we can bring a practical and beautiful solution to your needs.

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Types of Concrete Repair

Floor is repaired & Ground
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Less Invasive.

Concrete repair is a cost-effective way to deal with concrete damage. It requires less labor and time, so it’s faster than other methods of fixing things up such as replacement or fracture repairs. It also doesn’t require as much invasion into work areas like private homes which makes for more privacy while the job goes on behind closed doors!

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Tenacious Concrete Repair

The Ultimate repair that bonds tenaciously to concrete. MG-KRETE is ideal for a virtually unlimited range of concrete repairs including thin overlays, pouring into forms, staircases or a fast-set plug.  In addition, MG-KRETE can be troweled vertically and overhead, and cures very rapidly in almost all weather conditions – most applications can be returned to service in as little as one hour! 

MG-KRETE is a two-component, high early strength structural repair product that can save you money, downtime, and renew your interior or exterior concrete surface!


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