Epoxy Garage Coatings That Last – We Guarantee It!

Coatings That Last At DuraGuard Surfaces we offer epoxy resin floor and polyaspartic coating systems for concrete floors, designed to protect concrete from degeneration by water, abrasion, chemical attack, and wear & tear. Our systems are built of as little as two (2) and as many as seven (7) different

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Dream Garage Makeover | 5 Upgrades Guaranteed To Impress

Whether you are an avid handyman, home mechanic, or you just want to make better use of your garage space, this article is guaranteed to help you decide on what the perfect Dream Garage Makeover looks like for you! From a beautiful epoxy floor to a stunning set of Custom

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Can My Concrete Be Repaired | Concrete Repair Options

Concrete is strong but not invincible. Concrete is a tough material capable of handling heavy loads, but it is not invincible. There are several factors that can damage concrete, including freeze-thaw, erosion, abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack. The good news is that if you have damaged concrete in your home

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