Dream Garage Makeover | 5 Upgrades Guaranteed To Impress

Whether you are an avid handyman, home mechanic, or you just want to make better use of your garage space, this article is guaranteed to help you decide on what the perfect Dream Garage Makeover looks like for you! From a beautiful epoxy floor to a stunning set of Custom Steel Cabinets by Hayley even if you take on just one of these projects your space will become more usable, attractive and valuable!

1. Apply An Epoxy Floor Coating

A Duraguard Epoxy Floor Coating or polyaspartic system is a great way to instantly upgrade the look of your garage and easy to maintain. This durable coating is non-slip and easy to clean, making it perfect for both workshops and garages alike! We offer several designs and colors so you can find one that matches your personality.

Epoxy floors are extremely low maintenance and easy to clean. Because of their smooth surface, dirt won’t stick to the floor which means all you have to do is wipe up any spills or messes with a damp mop or cloth!

Polyaspartic Vinyl Chip
Polyaspartic Vinyl Chip

2. Organize Your Garage With Slatwall

No matter the size of your garage, there is a good chance that you are not utilizing the space efficiently. Although it may be tough to let go of some of your beloved junk, in the long run, you will be glad that you did! When considering how to organize your garage start by making a list of everything that needs to be stored and how much space each item takes up. Next, consider what items need to be accessed regularly and what can be put away for long periods of time. This step is essential in helping determine where items should go in relation to one another.

Slatwall is perfect for storing heavy garden equipment, bicycles and other large items as it can hold up to 75lbs per square foot so all that gear stays off the floor giving you more room for other things! Additionally, Slatwall is great for organizing lots of gear in small spaces because it gives everything its own spot while being compact. With shelving, hooks and baskets available you can store everything from shovels and rakes to sports equipment neatly on the wall!

ProSlat Slatwall with accessories and Elite Series Cabinets

ProSlat’s PVC Slatwall is also mold resistant so if your garage has moisture issues or experiences flooding this material will not rot or swell like traditional slatwall making it perfect for areas affected by moisture!

3. Install Garage Cabinetry

Garage cabinets are a great way to store and protect items from dust, dirt and moisture. They also help you keep things organized so you can easily access everything you need when the time comes. But with all the different types of garage cabinets available, choosing a cabinet system can be difficult. So before you make your decision, think about how much space you have. You’ll want to consider the amount of wall space available and how much floor space will be taken up by any free-standing cabinets you choose. It’s also important to take into account height restrictions as well as any obstructions that might limit your storage options, like lights, plumbing or windows.

Whether it’s for storage purposes or extra work surfaces for projects like woodworking or refinishing furniture, Custom Cabinet by Hayley garage cabinets come in handy for a variety of reasons. Cabinets are available in various styles and finishes.

4. Add Overhead Storage

Adding overhead storage is a great way to reclaim precious garage real estate. Our Overhead Storage Racks are the perfect solution—and they’re easy to install, too! Ranging from tire racks, overhead hoists and lifts, overhead platforms, to tall slatwall there are many options to use previously was

The racks are designed with adjustable brackets that fit nearly any ceiling. They support up to 800 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and can be upfitted with an additional shelf to maximize space.

And your gear will stay dry and hanging from the durable steel rack, which offers 6 heavy duty hooks for hanging wet and drying sports equipment.

It’s time to reclaim your garage! Get started today with our Overhead Storage Racks by clicking here!

5. Repurpose A Corner With A Workbench

Every garage needs a workbench. It’s the perfect place to get things done, whether you’re working on your car or building a birdhouse. But if you’re tired of seeing an old dining room table take up valuable space in your garage, it’s time for an upgrade. When choosing a workbench, consider how much workspace you need and how much flexibility is required for the tasks at hand. Whatever size you choose, make sure that it has heavy duty shelving and ample drawer space so that your tools are always within arm’s reach when they’re needed most. For example, one customer included slatwall storage near his workbench to add additional storage while keeping his tools handy (Source A).

The Right Storage Solutions Will Help You Declutter And Beautify Your Garage Or Workshop, Giving You Your Ultimate Dream Garage Makeover!

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage or Workshop:

Storage solutions are a great way to improve the look, feel and functionality of any space. Take your garage or workshop from cluttered and chaotic to organized and attractive by installing these five upgrades:

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