Majestic Deep Pour 1 | Crystal Clear Casting Epoxy


Our epoxy resin products for casting and countertops applications, have an impeccable aesthetic finish and provide exceptional resistance to UV rays (yellowing). It is possible to obtain the desired result with a single mixture since our casting resins can be poured at significant thicknesses. Our epoxy for casting and countertops are low odor and 100% solids, thus respectful of the environment. A wide range of different applications and renderings are now possible including:

  • Crystal clear Casting
  • River tables
  • Countertops and Tabletops Top coat
  • Furniture
  • Wood crafting
  • Art Painting
  • Encapsulation
  • Bonds to wood, metals, concrete, plastics, fiberglass, paint, granite, laminate, artwork, fabrics, etc.
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The MAJESTIC DEEP POUR 1 is a two-component (3A:1B) epoxy system designed for casting applications providing a crystal-clear, UV resistant premium finish. It offers a quicker curing than the MAJESTIC DEEP POUR 2 for the same pour volume. The product is VOC-free, 100% solids and is virtually odor free. This product can be poured at thick levels (1 inch or more) while keeping a crystal-clear look. Thickness above 1 inch can be achieved depending on the total volume and the shape of the pour. It displays excellent air release and color retention capabilities. It also possesses superior mechanical properties.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 13.5 in
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