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The LAPBOX 40 UV has one of the highest UV resistance in the industry (slow yellowing) which makes it a first-in-class product for applications requiring a superior aesthetic finish. The LABPOX 40 UV can be used both as a base coat as well as a top coat. The product is a 100% solids two-component (2A:1B) epoxy floor coating system which is virtually VOC-free. This product possesses superior mechanical properties best suited for commercial and residential applications. It offers a working time of approximately 60 minutes, displays a low viscosity and it is resistant to amine blush. By using the appropriate LABPOX system, professional installers can achieve optimal results within a desired timeframe. The LABPOX 40 UV is also ideally suited for metallic systems.

3-Gallon Kit = 2 x A (1 Gal) + 1 x B (1 Gal)

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LabPox 40

The LABPOX 40 UV is a 100% solids two-component (2A:1B)
epoxy floor coating system which is virtually VOC-free. The
product is translucid and displays a superior resistance to UV
irradiation in this product category (color retention over time)
best suited for residential and commercial applications. It
possesses superior mechanical properties as well as a long pot
life and working time. Ideal for metallic systems. The LABPOX
40 UV has been designed as a topcoat epoxy, but it is selfpriming. The Super Opaque White version can only be used
as a primer or, if used as a topcoat, it must be covered with a
40 UV formulation is based on a high-performance cycloaliphatic
polyamine technology displaying outstanding properties and
superior aesthetic finish.


  • Offering one of the best UV resistances in this product category 
  •  Environment friendly (100% solids, VOC-free and no solvent) 
  •  Potential for LEED eligibility 
  •  Virtually odor free 
  •  Easy application with long pot life and working time (60 min) 
  •  Ideal for metallic epoxy systems 
  •  Good elongation and excellent abrasion resistance 
  •  High resistance to amine blush and contamination (fisheyes) 
  •  Excellent defoaming even at thicker levels 
  •  Superior mechanical and chemical properties 
  •  Impermeability / low moisture sensitivity 
  •  High density of the product prevents dirt penetration
    resulting in low maintenance post application 


  • Commercial, residential, and industrial uses 
  •  Metallic systems 
  •  Commercial centers 
  •  Office buildings 
  •  Retail stores 
  •  Manufacturing facilities 
  •  Warehouses 
  •  Garages 
  •  Food/beverage processing and preparation plants 
  •  Public facilities including hospitals and schools 
  •  Pharmaceutical companies

Mix Ratio: 2A:1B

Solids Coverage per Gallon:

8mils = 200sq.ft.
10mils = 160sq.ft.
12mils = 133sq.ft.
30mils = 54sq.ft.
40mils = 40sq.ft.
50mils = 32sq.ft.

Cure Time:

Working time: 60 min
Tack Free: 9 hours
Recoat Time: 9-24 hours
Dry Through: 13 hours
Foot Traffic: 24 hours
Light Traffic: 48 hours
Full Cure: 7 Days


Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 10 × 10 in


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