DGS Annual Preventative Maintenance Program

$699.00 / year

Protect Your Investment!

By ensuring your new epoxy or polyaspartic floor is routinely deep-cleaned to remove dirt and debris build-up you can guarantee your floor will look beautiful for as long as possible.  Even though epoxy and polyaspartic floors are resilient, they aren’t bulletproof!  They still need to be maintained to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

Our DuraGuard Surfaces Preventative Maintenance Program will ensure your epoxy floor is deep cleaned & degreased, repaired, and looking amazing!

Our DuraGuard Surfaces Epoxy Floor Maintenance Program

This annual subscription service offered exclusively by DuraGuard Surfaces in Grande Prairie, Alberta is a perfect solution to ensure your epoxy floor is well-maintained and cleaned to the highest standards; without you having to do the work!

Our intent is to ensure our customers are satisfied with their investment for years to come, and we know life gets busy.  This is where we at DuraGuard Surfaces come in!  On an annual basis we will come to your home to deep clean & degrease your garage, conduct minor repairs and ensure your investment is protected!

The Process:

  1. 1-hr Drive to Your Home
  2. 3-hrs of Deep Cleaning & Degreasing with DuraGuard Surfaces Epoxy Floor Cleaner
  3. 1-hr of Repairs up to 4″x4″ per repair (any additional repairs will be quoted to customer prior to repairing)

It’s as simple as that!  You call, we come.

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